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Thankful for being truly blessed. Happy with my life and experiences.


I was taught at an early age to be grateful for even the simplest things. I'm eternally thankful that someone loved me enough to impart that little bit of wisdom to me. I'm grateful and thankful that I was smart enough to listen.

We should never stop being thankful and our gratitude should be enduring.  Our way in life is guided by how we treat ourselves and others.  If we want our Karma to be good, we have to humble ourselves in the eyes of God and our fellow man.  We should not be too proud to continue being thankful for all manner of things.

Life will ultimately teach us that the consequences of our daily actions have a direct bearing on how things work out for us.


I believe that being happy is all about the good choices that you make.  Being a happy person means that you choose not be strict, rigid or inflexible with yourself.  You definitely choose not to be sad or foster sorrow in others.

You choose to keep an open mind about all things and all people.  You have faith and belief in your fellow man.  You encourage and promote opportunities whenever possible.

Being happy never gets old.


I wake up each day with a greater appreciation of the world, my unique place in it and the limitless possibilities that each new day brings.

Like a painter, each day to me resembles a fresh new canvas, where I can paint my existence anyway I want to.  I'm a "Can-Do" individual, so my todays are always painted using bright cheery colors.  My portraits are painted with good intentions and are always about happy outcomes.

I have control of my inner consciousness that consists of Me, Myself and I.  That internal self is at peace and is vibrant because I love not only who I am, but also what I can become.

I have control of my outer self, that consciousness that everyone else gets to see.  My goal is to always be engaging, civil, polite and respectful, to like minded people.  I try to keep a positive perspective on most things and work hard to keep any of life's negativity at bay. 

My main motto is:  "It's not what you say ... it's what you do that makes the difference" 


Keeping The Faith

Life is always full of surprises.  We routinely deal with the many ups and downs that occur in our life.  Remarkably, we deal with some things better than others.  Unfortunately, we deal with other things not so well.  That's not good.

Which Should Make One Wonder:

  • Why is that?
  • Aren't we smart enough to know better?
  • Don't we want better solutions in our lives? 
  • What's going on with this type of thought process?

A Possible Problem Could Be:

We unnecessarily worry about too many things that we ultimately have no control over.  

Ways To Possibly Fix That Type Of Thinking:

  • Being clear-minded at all times and knowing/caring about what is going on in your life.
  • Realistically understanding what your limitations are when dealing with situations.
  • Making a conscious effort to acknowledge, accept and be at peace with our own strengths/weaknesses.
  • Knowing that criticisms are someone else's opinion given solely to influence your thoughts.
  • Forgiving yourself for all of your prior sins, transgressions or failures. We are human and rightly deserve a second, third or fourth chance.
  • Understanding that only you have the real power to control your dignity, destiny, aspirations and dreams.
  • Learning to love one's self (completely and without fail).

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a special day of reflection, where we as a nation solemnly honor:

The immense sacrifices of America's fallen heroes. Their lives were prematurely cut short in defense of our ideals, beliefs and way of life.

Our many military veterans. We gratiously thank them for their service, commitment and integrity.

Those who continue to serve, defend and protect this great country of ours. 

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A Mother's Love

Who cares about the child, the man, the boy, the woman, the girl?  A good mother does. A life can be no more appreciated, no more special than when a woman nurtures and gives love.

Thankfully, the mothering instinct is not simply tied to physical maternal biology.  Our Aunts, sisters, cousins, female family members and friends project their motherly protectionism towards us on a daily basis.  There is always someone (family or friend) who worries, wants the best for you and just loves you without reservation.

We should all be very thankful for the multitude of women in our lives.

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Cinco De Mayo 2014

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!!

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Earth Day 2014

Happy Earth Day!

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